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Opinion: Politics
Joe Biden, Fall Guy

Joe Biden didn't just fall off the turnip truck, he was pushed.

That statement just about sums up the ongoing debacle of the current White House resident. At the risk of sounding like an ultra-right wing white supremacist MAGA-hat wearing threat to democracy, Joe Biden didn't win the 2020 election. Anybody with a few hundred functioning brain cells has already figured that out. The 2020 election was a complete sham, and the so-called January 6th "insurrection", the bogus J6 committee led by proteges of Nancy Pelosi and other obfuscations of the truth all serve to hide what other elections were fabricated, cheated upon, and stolen, most likely ones for congressional seats and juicy high state positions, i.e., governorships.

But, that's besides the point of this piece, which is purely conjecture, based upon known history, slanted news accounts from the mainstream and some straightforward work by bloggers and journalists relegated to the fringes of allowable discourse.

Entering 2024, which will have the usual suspect media outlets focused entirely on the forthcoming presidential election, the general consensus is that Joe Biden will face off against Donald J. Trump once again, as the two septuagenarians battle for the most prestigious and powerful position in the Western world, the president of the United States of America.

Here's where the conjecture part comes in: Joe Biden will lose, and lose badly, if he even runs at all.

The ongoing narrative of a bungling, half-asleep drone of an executive is being foisted upon the general public as a kind of slap in the face. Everything Biden and his operatives have touched, they've bungled. From the poor choice of taking on Russia in a proxy war in Ukraine to the absolutely miserable diplomatic efforts around the world, Joe Biden couldn't win a good-looking contest against Rosie O'Donnell, much less defeat a more vigorous and well-intentioned Donald J. Trump in a race to the presidency.

Knowing this, and drawing on the experience from the last big steal in 2020, those minions of the deep state that do the kinds of things that polite people don't mention in general conversation already have a plan schemed up for Biden to lose or not even make it to the starting gate and for Trump to pick up where he left off for a second go-round as the nation's chief executive.

The plan works whether Biden runs or not or is even a sentient being as the election draws near. A dead Biden is probably the best choice, figuring the senile bastard could croak at almost any minute, so the media and the political class in Washington wouldn't even have to deal with questions of bribery, treason, money laundering, human trafficking and other uncomfortable topics.

But, you ask, wouldn't that put Kamala Harris in position to be president and run against all comers? Sure, in the case of Biden's unfortunate return to ashes, Harris would be in charge of running the ship of state, a job she's uniquely unqualified to perform, but that matters little. The government's been run off-site for the past three years, so whoever is chosen to be the figurehead is of little consequence since that person doesn't actually make any decisions.

Kamala Harris will be fine for a few months as the face of the Democratic party. Should she choose to run the triumph for Trump would only be all that much larger, but the Democrats could claim it wasn't a fair fight. Their warrior died, shield in hand, in the heat of the battle, so, Trump may become president, but according to Democrats, he won't have a mandate to do anything like close the border, repair relationships with (take your pick) Russia, China, Iran, Israel, Europe, etc.

That will be the main talking point of the Democrats in the event Biden kicks it in March, June, or September. They didn't stand a chance against Trump and his mean tweets. If he was alive, Biden would have won. Duh!

But, let's suppose Biden remains somewhat upright and does a little campaigning through to the end, keeping Kamala as his running mate all along. Trump, who everybody knows has a huge lead in the polls, will absolutely trounce him come November. This outcome sets up a number of positive structures for the Democrats. First, they can claim that elections are fair and honest. "See, your guy won! Nobody cheats." Second, they can rig other elections in the House and Senate without raising too many suspicions, keeping their edge in the upper chamber and maybe even taking back control of the House. Even if they lose the House tally, if they hold the Senate, that figures to be enough to keep Trump at bay, unable to push through any meaningful legislation.

After all, the Democrats and their underlings kept Trump from doing most of his "MAGA" things back in his first term. Certainly, the deep state is confident that they can make his second term even more miserable than the first and then, he's done. He can't run again. Two terms and that's all folks. See ya, Donnie! Four years of sniping in the press and on the legislative floors at everything he says, does, or attempts to do ought to be a cakewalk for these rats. Mybe they can even impeach him a few more times. Worked before, why not?

Maybe he'll finish the wall. Maybe he'll fix the situation in Ukraine. Maybe he'll slip and fall and bump his head. None fit will matter because the media's all on the take along with all the Dems and most of the Republicans, who've already been bought and sold by the Uniparty. As far as the wall and all the migrants that might not get a chance to live the American Dream because of Trump and his MAGA forces, well, Biden's let so many through already it doesn't really matter. That horse has left the barn, so to say.

The unscrupulous late night hosts will have their favorite punch line back. Hollywood stars can talk about how bad Trump is making their lives. The gals on The View can prattle on to their hearts content. The media cartel will sell more ads on their mega-anti-ultra-MAGA platforms. Four years of beating the crap out of Trump offers more promise than actually running the country, which, by the way, is being dragged to subterranean levels. Making Trump responsible for all the crime and insanity that the left creates should be easy.

By this reasoning, I can go out and make the bold prediction that Trump will win in 2024, confident in the knowledge that my theory, despite being seven standard deviations off the norm, is exactly what the deep state has planned.

Joe Biden is nothing but a fall guy, put in place to ruin what's left of America, implementing policies that produce massive profits for his pals in corporate America and on Wall Street, inflation and then deflation for the regular folks, and misery for millions of people who deserve better. Just as he was set up, in an improbable manner, to win in 2020, a much more plausible narrative is already taking shape for 2024.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Fearless Rick, December 28, 2023


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