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Dr. Strangelove

In this 1964 film, a psychotic Air Force general unleashes an ingenious, foolproof, and irrevocable scheme that triggers nuclear war with Russia. The U.S. President works with the Soviet premier in a desperate effort to save the world.

Produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick, the film satirizes cold war and the doctrine of MAD (mutually-assured destruction) to which think tanks and military leaders of the time were ascribed.

An all-star cast includes Peter Sellers as Doctor Strangelove, Slim Pickens, Sterling Hayden. Keenan Wynn, Tracy Reed, George C. Scott, James Earl Jones, and Peter Bull.


The Rainmaker

Francis Ford Coppola directed this moving and realistic adaptation of John Grisham's novel about an idealistic young attorney who takes on the case of a lifetime and discovers how the corporate world operates.

Matt Damon is brilliant in the role of Rudy Baylor, an idealistic, freshly-minted attorney in over his head on what becomes a high-profile case. Opposing him are an army of seasoned legal sharks led by Jon Voight. On Rudy's side is Danny DeVito, a feisty "paralawyer" who specializes in flunking the bar exam. Rudy uncovers a trail of corruption that might lead to the one thing that could win his case, a terrified witness.

Release date: 1997
Running time: 2:15:35
Actors: Matt Damon, Andrew Shue, Danny DeVito, Mickey Rourke, Virginia Madsen, Teresa Wright, Dean Stockwell, Mary Kay Place, Jon Voight, Claire Danes
Director: Francis Ford Coppola


Herb Alpert Is...

Herb Alpert, legendary musician, artist and philanthropist has sold more than 72 million albums - 29 of them gold or platinum - outsold The Beatles in 1966 and co-founded A&M Records, the most successful independent record company in history. Herb Alpert Is..., directed by John Scheinfeld, looks at Herb's extraordinary life with rare footage and interviews with colleagues like Sting and Questlove.

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