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IG: OK, we're back. Last time we spoke, you were telling us about all the things you hate, like Google, Amazon, the government, but you were pretty busy putting the Alpha issue of idleguy.com to bed. How did it go?

FR: I'd have to call the launch an unmitigated successful disaster. as the iconoclastic creature I am, I've managed to fail at more than most people would dare attempt. My purpose in life is to wreck everything, so it comes with a fair share of loss, disappointment, and occasionally being broke.

So, putting out a test case for an online magazine which intends to change the world was not without some pain, but no remorse, except that I wanted it to be more, like more explosive, with better graphics, a larger audience and articles by Matt Taibi, Alex Krainer, Alasdair Macleod, though I did manage to get Ben Franklin in there.

There's a guy, Ben Franklin. A founding father, a publisher, inventor, risk-taker, the ultimate game-changer. In the end, that guy, along with my father, is my hero.

IG: So, you're pleased with the result?

FR: No. I'm never happy. As soon as the publication is out on the street, I'm thinking about the next issue. Always been that way. Somehow, I was endowed with an overabundance of energy. Neitzsche called it something, I don't recall exactly what, but he characterized himself as a kind of fast thinker, racing ahead of the slow-witted of his time. People said he was crazy, but, really, the man was deep and the last great philosopher. the existentialists, Sartre and Camus, carried the torch of intellectual thought for a while, but it seems to have died with them.

All that's left is NFL football, most of which is rigged, by the way, and TV game shows. Have you noticed that all the networks can produce these days is football and game shows? And that's not because of the recently-ended writers' strike. Those striking writers haven't had an original thought since "Happy Days", Richie Cunningham and Fonzie. And even that wasn't all that great.

How come all that's on TV is football and game shows when there's 3000 years of history that could be imparted to the public? Do the producers of this crap think we're all stupid? And, are they right? Shakespeare, Baudelaire, St. Augustine. Jesus.

I'm in favor of less TV and more reading. The internet is the ideal medium for that, but what's popular? Cat videos. Blacks assaulting whitey. I guess we're close to the end of civilization after all.

IG: That's a fairly depressing commentary on contemporary life. Are you actually that disturbed about the current state of affairs?

FR: Disturbed? I'm apoplectic. The world in which I grew up, the 50s, 60s, 70s, are completely foreign to today's humans. I don't know how old you are, but I remember silver quarters and dimes, nickel baseball card packs, a world in which you didn't have to lock everything down, fearing that it might be stolen. I have no doubt that the 60s were better than what passes for civilization today. Honestly, I wouldn't go anywhere near a city today. They've become rotted corpses of depravity and poor decisions.

Transgenderism, racial hatred, overpriced junk food. Have you eaten fast food lately? It's the most distasteful garbage you can buy for $19.95. Today's Happy Meal will leave you vomiting with diarrhea out the other end. I've completely sworn off anything that's advertised on TV from our "corporate sponsors."

IG: OK, so how does idleguy.com change any of that?

FR: I don't know if I'll change anything, but, if I can awaken some people who already have doubts about the current state of affairs, that's a step in the right direction. All this leftist, progressive propaganda has got to end. Every individual within the mainstream media needs to be reassigned to Burger King or Panda Express, where they can do something completely useless and not continue destroying civilization for the sake of a paycheck.

Just today (it's October 3), the House jettisoned the Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, and for good reason. But, you know how it was reported? The Republican radicals ousted him for keeping the government open. No mention of his secret deal with Democrats to fund Ukraine with a separate bill. The media is shameless. The anchors and reporters should all be swinging from the nearest lampposts.

Yeah, they think we're stupid. But, you know what? This is the end for Ukraine, Biden, the globalists, Klaus Schwab, the EU, fiat currencies, the completely fake and manipulated stock and capital markets, gender reassignments, the MIC, and all the corruption that's stolen nearly everything from the honest people of the world and I'm going to make it happen, one half-naked woman at a time.

IG: Whaaa?

FR: I was brought here to do one thing. To tear down the institutions of slavery and control, of tyranny and oppression. To bring the world to its senses. Oh, and by the way, have you seen what that piece of shit, Ben Kohn, the CEO of the PLBY Group, the company that runs what's left of Hugh Hefner's Playboy, has done? The stock is 73 cents a share. The market cap is closing in on $50 million. The stock is going to be delisted. This worthless fucker is destroying what Hefner built because he can't manage half an erection in a whore house.

He's completely turned the company full WOKE, with a tribute to "change" and deviant trans-gay-bullshit behavior celebrated at playboy.com. He's a money launderer, a thief, an immoral cretin from the satanic depths of hell. I've requested publishing rights, interviews, access, and gotten no response. Ben Kohn's goal is to destroy the Playboy brand. My goal is to resurrect it. Let's get it on.

IG: Well, it seems you have a lot on your mind and your plate is full.

FR: Damn right. When I'm done wrecking the bogus Federal Reserve and the bullshit, unelected government and the rest of the universe, you can come back and interview me again amidst the rubble. I'm fucking done with this shit. The iconoclast has risen and there's nothing and nobody that can stop me.

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