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The IdleGuy Advisor

IdleGuy Advisors are here to answer questions on all manner of subjects, from home audio to bedroom behavior and everything in between. This month's questions were all answered by Vicky. The other advisors apparently took the month off. - FR

Dear Idleguy Advisors,

I'm concerned about US involvement in Ukraine. Do you think it's a good idea to keep sending money and munitions to Ukraine? If so, why? And, if not, why not?

Hank from Texas

Thank you for your question, Hank from Texas!

At the risk of sounding biased (which I am) I absolutely believe that we SHOULD NOT keep sending money and munitions to Ukraine. I believe our Resident has been bought and paid for by Zelensky and those who give this criminal his orders. I firmly DO NOT believe that we should have anything more to do with this war. Why on earth are we sending BILLIONS of money and BILLIONS of munitions to help a country who, if the shoe was on the other foot, would more than likely DO NOTHING to support us???

Besides, it is very obvious that this Administration has no desire to help our own country to revive our own economy, military, oil and gas, and the border. This is totally disgusting and I absolutely cannot wait for the upcoming 2024 elections in the hope that we can once again take back OUR OWN country and equip OUR OWN military with munitions to PROTECT OUR OWN COUNTRY. We need to protect our own country and our Constitution!

Hank, I do sincerely hope that you are safe and have the ability to protect yourself and your family from the illegal migrating immigrants coming across the border.

Hello, Advisors,

I'm a strapping 24-year-old 6'2" guy who plays lots of sports, but my girlfriend has an insatiable appetite for sex and it's affecting my game. After rolling in the hay with her all night, I just don't have the kind of energy I need to dunk basketballs or crush softballs over the fence. Is two to three times a week too much? How do I tell my girlfriend that she's got game, but it's ruining mine?

Weary in Washington

Hello Mr. Weary,

What a sad dilemma you have going on. At 24, your girlfriend should be having a difficult time keeping up with you (or perhaps she is older, in that case she may have a more insatiable appetite). In any case, it may be time to get serious and seek some "help" to keep you, shall we say, on your toes. I will not propose using medication as you definitely do not need that. I think you just need to pace your activities around her needs.

When you ask if two to three times a week is too much, are you referring to the time you spend with your girlfriend, or the time you spend playing sports? I'm kidding, of course. In my opinion, two to three times a week is healthy, as long as you both agree. Be honest with her, your entire relationship should automatically be revolved around being honest with one another. Let her know that spending time with her (having sex) is awesome and desirable, but you also need some time with the boys playing the sports you enjoy as well. Together you should be able to come up with some sort of "schedule" that will work for both sports and sex. I have no clue how long you have been with her, but I would imagine after a time together, you will both get into "comfort mode" and her appetite will hopefully (for your sake) somewhat slow down.

At the risk of sounding crude... taking advantage while you can and she still wants to.

Thanks for your question, I hope this helps somewhat.

Dear Advisors,

I'm not the sharpest tack in the box, but, watching the news on the main channels, like ABC, NBC, CBS, I'm getting the feeling that they're not exactly telling the whole story or they're shading the truth somewhat. Am I imagining things or are these people not as honest as I'd like them to be? Can you suggest some alternative news sources, either on TV, radio, or the internet?

Skeptical in Spokane

Good Day to you, Skeptical!

Excellent question! I have to agree that the main stream media is NOT telling the whole story. In fact, they are telling THEIR OWN STORY derived from talking points delivered to them from their higher echelon. I, personally, have not watched regular television in over 4 years. No cable, no local channels, no local news (just weather, which I believe is also fixed by the government somehow), and I have no interest in going back any time soon. I am sick of all the propaganda being spewed like a bad B movie. When you do your own research on what is really going on, I think you will be satisfied that your feeling is not wrong.

Some alternatives you may want to look in to, where you will find reporters who actually do their own investigations in to the reality of what is going on would be EPOCH Times, Newsmax and even OAN. Personally, I have found some podcasters who have their ear to the ground. These include X22 Report, SGAnon, Derek Johnson, and Jan Halper. Some may even say they are inside the Patriot movement. On the Christian side, in my opinion, The Victory Channel has been on top of the events going on both here in the US and world.

If I may make a suggestion, I believe it is imperative to keep your eyes and ears open in your own area. Follow your gut instinct. Events to come are going to be coming one right after another. Don't be scared, be prepared and know that God is in control ALWAYS. This knowledge will see you through. Turn off your television, be strong in your faith, do your own research, and watch the coming events unfold before your eyes.

Stay positive in your faith.

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