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Every month, Vicky, our designated scolder, offers advice to men who have specific - and often weird - issues with women.

Vicky, by nature, is a positive person, but she often finds herself stomping her feet, pointing and waving fingers and saying, "NO, NO, NO."

IdleGuys can rest assured that Vicky is sincere in the advice department and makes every effort to think through complex or simple male problems, such as they are.

Got a question for Vicky?

Use our contact page to drop her a line and maybe Vicky can make you famous in our next issue.



Vicky says NO!

Hi, Vicky,

I just met a girl who seems to have some interest in me. She mentioned that she gets wild when she does coke (cocaine). Should I get some and treat her to it?

Snorting in Seattle

Hi, Dope Fiend!

Thank you for the question. In my humble opinion, doing illegal drugs is a very tempting way to get in easy with a wild girl; however, illegal drugs ARE illegal, and not to mention, addicting. Is it really worth it? I think not! Surely there are PLENTY of other women to meet who do get wild, WITHOUT illegal drugs. Keep fishing! Thank you again for my advice, such as it is.


I have a date set up with a gal I met at a party. My house is a mess and I'm really kinda lazy. Should I invite her over and see if she'll clean the place or should I get off my ass and tidy up a bit before having her over (to cook dinner for me)?

Cincinnati Slacker

Hey There, Slacker!

First of all, I am right there with you with the messy home, although I don't consider myself lazy, just eclectic. I believe that on a first date, and you want the possibility of a second date, if she should agree to go back to your place, I DEFINITELY would clean... especially if she is going to cook dinner for you (OMG, I do hope you are going to cook TOGETHER on a first date!) This is called "putting your best foot forward" to impress. I would, however, let her know that you specifically tidied up just for her.


I had a one-night stand a while back and am pondering telling my wife about it. What do you think?

Troubled in Texas

Dear Troubled,

I appreciate you wanting my opinion on this subject. Since you asked...NO NO NO, let it leave your head FOREVER.

If your conscience is really bothering you, be prepared for whatever happens next...

Playboy September 1958

This 1958 vintage issue featured a very non-descript cover, suggestive of having a girl in your shirt pocket, she being September Playmate, Teri Hope. Why not?

Some of the features were Playboy's Pigskin Preview (just like this idleguy issue), Playmates Lisa Winters, Linda Vargas and Janet Pilgrim helping a college boy pick out a wardrobe in The Well-Clad Undergrad; fiction by Herbert Gold and much more. The magazine's 88 pages also featured a pictorial on British bombshell, June Wilkinson, who became well-known as "The Busom" for obvious reasons.

See more at
Downtown Magazine's Collectible Magazine Back Issue Price Guide

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