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IdleGuy Interview: Fearless Rick
continued from page 7

FR: IdleGuy is intended to be the 21st century version of Playboy. Obviously, it's got to be on the web, eventually, it's going to be interactive and have plenty of video, but, where Hefner projected the luxury lifestyle, I think today's man is a little more practical and down-to-earth, so IdleGuy will focus on things guys do in their spare, i.e., idle, time, like hunting, off-roading, cooking, building stuff, maybe even gardening, cooking, fixing up the apartment or house, some politics, lifestyle, fiction. Of course, sports will be a big focus, as will the opposite sex. Women are amazing, works of art, really, and the arousal factor for men is undeniable, so, yes, photos and eventually videos of beautiful women will be a big part of the production.

With the internet at our disposal, it's a whole new world. I don't believe I'll ever publish a hard copy in print of the magazine. It wouldn't be the same. No links, no interaction, and you can't get video onto paper, at least as far as I know.

IG: Regarding women, where are you going to find models and will they be nude?

FR: Well, I found some already and I'm sure there are more out there. A lot of women have a sense of wanting to be seen, to be admired. Maybe it's to make other women jealous, or for the money, or fame. I'm not sure, but when I was running Downtown Magazine back in the 80s, we didn't have any shortage of ladies who were more than willing to do photo shoots, lots of them in bikinis or lingerie or very suggestive environments. We even had some porn stars back in the day. I know we had Topsy Curvy in one issue. I had this crazy reporter who couldn't stay out of strip clubs and he kept coming to me with pictures of strippers.

Now, this was more or less a mainstream publication, so I caught a lot of flack, but I'll tell you what, those newspapers - they were free - flew off table tops, cigarette machines and news racks. Besides that, a couple of peep show places and adult video businesses were my best advertisers. Took out big ads and always paid cash up front.

When people complained, that's what I told them. They supported the business, the newspaper, the Unbound Magazine. Those were good days.

IG: You seem to be getting a little nostalgic, but, you didn't address the issue of nudity.

FR: Well, in the beginning, I don't think I'll feature much nudity, though it's all over the place. I'm really not into publishing porn, but, like Hefner, I'd like to do some tasteful pictorials, not the Hustler or Penthouse style, I never went for that. Eventually, I see nudity in idleguy.com, but not raunchy stuff. Besides, girls like to get naked. So do guys, so nudity, sure. And, by the way, Google and Bing and the other search engines can kiss my ass. They'll throttle me and my websites, claiming that their ad serving is for "family-friendly" websites. I've been around and around with them over what is and what isn't porn. But, you want to find photos and videos of naked women doing all kinds of sex acts, Google, Bing, those family-friendly hypocrites have millions of links, pics, video. They fucking suck ass.

IG: So you think Google, which used to have the motto, "don't be evil," actually are a bit, shall we say, despicable?

FR: Despicable might be too kind a word for them. These are the guys who distort the truth from the time they get out of bed to the time they roll into it, probably with somebody else's wife. What they did with COVID and the 2020 election was downright criminal. And they steal from everybody. Back when Google was just starting to serve ads to publishers, I warned every webmaster I could about not giving them carte blanc. They scraped content everywhere, then turned around and made rules, not guidelines, but rules, that anybody running their ads had to adopt. Either that, or find another source of revenue, and there wasn't any. Google's too big, too arrogant. One of my goals is to make Google bend to my way of thinking. We've been doing things their way for a long time and look where it's gotten us.

IG: Yes, but without Google, how would anybody find anything on the internet?

FR: There are other search engines, and there used to be directories, still are, in vertical categories. Google didn't do anybody any favors indexing the internet. It was entirely for Google's well-being. I'm not a big fan. Let's move on. Google and big corporations, big government are kind of sore spots for me.

IG: Are you anti-capitalist?

FR: Look, for most of my life I've run small businesses, not huge corporations. I soured on climbing the corporate ladder around the time I turned 22. The rigors of corporate structure just didn't sit well with me. It's so very confining, and sleazy. Watch movies like "Fight Club" or "The Big Short" for a taste of what working in management for a corporation is like. You have no autonomy, no soul. You do what pleases the next guy up. It's stupid, It wastes a lot of talented people.

I'm not anti-capitalistic by any means. I've just never been motivated by money to a large degree. I was always more interested in how things work, making life better for people, providing good services at honest prices. I'm more about integrity than money, and, since I don't need to make any, I probably won't, but don't tell anybody. Oops. Too late now. No, I like money as much as the next guy, but, I've always been a writer and a journalist and publisher. The truth matters. Money takes a back seat every time, or, at least it used to. What's that Bible expression? The root of all evil is the love of money. Not money, just the love of it, and there are far too many greedy fuckers out there these days. Seems it's all some people think about. And then there's politicians, scum of the earth.

IG: Sounds like you have a bone to pick with all forms of authority. Has that been a problem for you?

FR: Since I started school. Actually, even before. The Catholic school where I grew up, St. Margaret Mary's - no longer there, by the way - wouldn't let me into kindergarten because I was too young, born in December and the cut-off date was October 31 or November 30 or something like that, so I never went to kindergarten. My mother took care of me and I drove her crazy, but she was a great teacher. By the time I entered the first grade, I could do addition, subtraction, knew how to read very well, My mother spent that whole year preparing me. She told the nuns that if I couldn't keep up, they could hold me back. She pled with them and they allowed it. I was almost always the youngest kid in my class, but I was also always one of the brightest. I never got held back. In fact, I probably could have skipped a grade or two, and a year of high school for sure.

Authority, I mean, who grants it? We have a government run amok. I certainly don't see them having much authority over me, but they do. Once somebody, well, a lot of people, has a title and the chance to direct people to do things, they get a little power-mad. And it's always the worst psychopaths and narcissists who seek power. They crave it, they need it, like vampires need human blood, like flies need shit.

Hey, this is getting a little long and I've got a magazine to get out. Can we continue this for the October issue. I kind of like where this is going.

IG: Sure, OK, we can talk further another time.

Ed.: Make sure to pick up the second part of this exclusive interview with IdleGuy publisher, Fearless Rick, in the October (Beta) issue, same idle place, different idle time.

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